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3 Framing Methods to Build a House

The most common building material used to frame a house is wood. It’s strong, readily available, inexpensive, and extremely versatile.

Framing Construction is the technique of creating a structure based on:

Vertical components, known as studs, which provide a stable frame for interior and exterior wall coverings.

Horizontal elements, called joists, run the length of the floor, or between walls or beams. The joists support ceilings and floors.

Wood framed houses typically fall into one of three categories depending on their age.

Each of these three techniques have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Timber Framing

This method involves fitting together large posts and beams and connecting them with wooden pegs, was popular in the 18th and 19th centuries.

In Timber Framing, builders work with natural logs and trees, rather than lumber pre-cut to common dimensions (like 2x4s).

The method fell out of fashion because timbers were hand-hewn, and the advent of machine-sawn lumber allowed builders to construct homes more quickly with standard-sized (dimensional) lumber.

Balloon Framing

In the 1830s, Balloon Framing became popular.

This method involves using long, vertical 2x4s as studs, which extend from the sill on top of the foundation up to the roof, and which are secured by nails, rather than pegs.

In Balloon Framing, a single stud could run up to 30 feet.

The problem with using uninterrupted studs is the fire hazard: without breaks in the studs, a fire that starts low in the house can quickly shoot up to the top, razing the structure to the ground.

Platform Framing

The most common framing technique in modern residential construction is Platform Framing, in which each story is framed on top of the previous one.

Using one floor as the platform for the construction of the next floor creates a stable work surface. It also allows builders to use widely-available pieces of dimensioned lumber, versus the longer or more natural cuts of wood used in older methods.

This method can be used for one or two-story houses, and has become the standard among contemporary home builders because:

Platform framing uses shorter pieces of lumber than previous techniques. That pieces are more easy to obtain and more cheap.

Since builders erect the next floor right on a platform, they are building on a solid work surface – a safer environment, with high structural integrity.

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